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UPDATE: We are no longer offering this service


Our interview prep programs teach powerful techniques and skills you need to excel in your next interview.  Too many job seekers continue to make the same mistakes in interviews over and over again.  We focus on specific changes you can make quickly that will dramatically impact your interview performance. We offer four interview packages:

Interview Introduction: This program focuses on your summary statement. This is the answer you give to the "Tell Me About Yourself" question that kicks off most interviews. Answering this question effectively is critical to getting your interview off on the right foot. In our Interview Introduction program, we will spend three 30 minute coaching sessions working on this aspect of your interview.


STAR(L): The STAR(L) is an extremely powerful technique for answering questions. It focuses on telling stories about past accomplishments to answer questions. The goal is to show the interview very clearly how you have successed in the past and demonstrate your potential to succeed in the future. Our STAR(L) coaching program includes three 45 minute sessions. The first session will review how the STAR(L) works and teach you how to prepare stories you can use to build STAR(L) answers. The second and third sessions will work on these stories, teaching you how to improve them and how to apply them to vitually any interview question you encounter.


Interivew Prep Tune-Up: The Interview Prep Tune-Up is designed for job seekers that have a lot of experience interviewing and want to get some practice quickly.  The Tune-Up includes three sessions. The first session focuses on your positioning statement.  This is the foundation of your "Tell Me About Yourself" answer and the answer to the question "Why should I hire you?"  The next two sessions are mock interviews.  We will tailor the style of the mock interviews to your specific needs.  With the Interview Prep Tune-Up, you can get your interview skills up to speed quickly. 


Behavioral Interview Prep Program - Our Behavioral Interview Prep Program will prepare you thoroughly for your next behavioral interview.  The program includes three 45-minute coaching sessions, where we will teach you the STAR(L) method.  The program also includes two behavioral mock interviews, allowing you to practice the skills and techniques you learn in the coaching sessions.



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