Resume Review

Do you want to know what hiring managers really think when they read your resume for the first time? There are a lot of job seekers who don't. They're afraid that the resume they have been sending to employers has major problems. So they continue to send it out. For job seekers who want to maximize their chances of success, getting professional advice is critical. You know your background so well, it can be impossible to see your resume in the same way as a hiring manager who knows nothing about you.

In our Resume Review Service, we will assess your resume. We don't pull any punches. If your resume is terrible, we'll tell you. If your resume is good, but can be better, we'll show you how. With every problem we identify, we will provide the solution. You will receive instructions for how to rewrite your resume to make it more effective.

Our Resume Review Service conducts a 61-point assessment. This is a proprietary assessment tool only available at Palladian. The assessment is organized into 5 sections:

After each of the sections, a comments section is provided with specific recommendations for improvement. At the end of the end of the report, an overall set of recommendations is provided, with advice for the top priorities to address first.


UPDATE: We are no longer offering this service



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